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Let’s get it done today boys!

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In Tom Brady and Bill Belichick we trust.


Brady puts up 5 TDs in 2nd quarter

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[picapp src=”e/d/4/3/New_England_QB_458f.JPG?adImageId=6138592&imageId=6513938″ width=”500″ height=”312″ /]

The Tennessee Titans forgot that today is Sunday and that they’re supposed to be playing a football game against the New England Patriots.  This miscommunication on their part led to Thomas E. Brady, Jr. throwing 5 TD passes in the 2nd quarter alone.  2 to Moss, 2 to Welker and 1 to Faulk.

And just to stay warm in the snow, he threw another to Moss in their first drive after halftime.

Final score: Pats 59 – Titans 0.

When is football season starting???

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I can’t deal with this baseball stuff!  Only every now and then I can sit myself down long enough to watch an inning or two, but I’m just not built for that.  I need football seaon to start…SOON!

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The side eye…

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Since the Celtics are out….


Big Papi is just now slowly starting to break out of his slump…..

David Ortiz 3

And I could give a sh*t about hockey, it’s time to refocus on the PATS!!!!!

This is one of the funniest sports clips ever (if you find sh*t like this funny)!  Reporter Andrea Kramer stops just short of asking Boy Wonder, Tom Brady, if he wants to make sexy time right there on the field and have Randy Moss work the camera.  Watch Brady give the camera a little side eye action after she turns to speak to Moss.  He’s like “This b*tch is crazy!”


1 month strong!!!!

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Can you believe it people?  Yesterday was the ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY of my You Already Know Who It Is blog!!!!!!!  Honestly, I didn’t even know this until I started feeling myself again this morning and began reading some of my past posts.  I feel like I’ve been doing this thing for about a year – not just one month!  Time does fly when you have the dopest blog on the internet!

To honour myself and my first post, I’m gonna re-post the clip that STILL makes me laugh even though I’ve seen it too many times to count.

4gdlw87Look at the bear in the back on the left!  They’re all doing their thing, but the bear is coming real smooth with it.  Dude in the suit is like “yeah, I got this hot a$$ bear suit and I dancing in this hot a$$ weather, but I’m still killin these suckas out here!  I ain’t even sweating yet!”  Still makes me smile!

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He Hate Me

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Yo, I’ve decided to build upon yesterday’s Grimemart hate story and turn this into a full week of “hate” rants.  This week shall now be know as the “He Hate Me” series.

he-hate-meSince I really don’t have a whole lot of things that I personally hate, I’ve decided to make this a little more interactive and open it up for guest haters.    This next posting is from a good friend named 1st Hate.  1st Hate did a really good job on this one!

“I still hate because I am!”

As a matter of fact, my hate has only grown as I’ve watched the nonsense unfold around me. It is actually amazing the amount of real hate I have inside, it can’t be healthy. No one should be able to hate like this, but here I am anyways, hating with the purest, most uncut hate the world has ever seen.

As a matter of fact I hate this website, The Good News Network, and the pansies who write for it. I hate them and I hate Pandas… Yes — Pandas! I saw a man try and give a panda a hug on TV and the f*cker mauled him… Yes I hate that man for being stupid, but I also hate that panda for mauling a hugger…a stupid, witless hugger!  It’s not that dumb man’s fault he was born brainless!

I hate my bosses for lying to me and bringing me onboard under the belief that they were a half decent company. I hate staff reductions that leave me as the answer guy for just about everything in this ponzi-scheme… I hate them and I hate my job! Stupid, stupid job!!!

I hate my salary, as I watch people doing less make more than me, and I hate my co-workers for breathing my air. I hate conference calls, and I hate people calling my phone line to give me the same witless answers to sh*tty questions that I don’t give a good god damn about!

I hate so much!!!!

Excellent first post by 1st Hate!

So for the next 7 days or so, the He Hate Me series is open for business!  If you have a good rant that falls in-line with the He Hate Me series, send it in for consideration.  You may wake up and see your rant posted!  However, I do have a few guidelines:

1) No real names!  Make up a name if you have to, but this is not meant to cause any harm.  It’s just for laughs.

2) No cursing: You can curse, but it has to come in the form like such: sh*t, fu*ker, @$$hole, etc.

3) It has to make me laugh.  If I don’t laugh at it, it’s not going up.

Now to keep things fair, I do take bribes!  Money is much appreciated, but it doesn’t have to come in that form.  Get creative with it!  For example, if you’re a chick with a fatty and you send me a nice backshot picture – you best believe your rant will be posted!   (Disclaimer: All materials sent to youalreadyknowwhoitis become personal property of youalreadyknowwhoitis and will not be returned.  And what youalreadyknowwhoitis does with the materials is none of your damn business!)  If you’re a dude and you try to do the same thing – I will call Chris Hanson and you will appear on the next episode of To Catch a Predator!!!  To each is own, but that’s just not my thing.

But like I said earlier, there isn’t a whole lot that I really hate in this world.  So in an effort to keep this blog in balance, I will post some anti-hate things after each posting.  enjoy.


Tito.  That’s all I have to say.

Tom f*ckin Brady!  Millions have tried to hate, but you just can’t.  I mean, what do you say, “dude, you date supermodels and win super bowls….you’re loser!”  Nah, just doesn’t work.

pam-grier1Pam Grier is a goddess!  I just dare you to hate!!!!!


I’m not going to even say anything because we all know it’s not possible.


Spark the elevation….

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For those of you keeping count, this is my 4th posting on the night/morning/day whatever it is now.  WTF!  Another bout of my almost once weekly insomnia sessions.  They are terrible!  You go thru a whole cycle of emotions when you manage to stay awake thru the entire night.  Here’s a quick rundown/recap:

12:00 am: read daily/weekly news.

12:30 am: get into bed

1:00 am: get out of bed. get on computer. surf aimlessly. post on blog. get back in bed.

2:00 am: get out of bed. eat food. surf aimlessly. write emails. hope to tire myself out.

3:30 am: still awake. wtf. post on blog. write more emails. surf aimlessly. still awake.

4:00 am: get back in bed.

4:15 am: get out of bed. sleep not working. body tired. mind tired. still wide awake. pissed.

5:00 am: post on blog. pissed.

6:00 am: think about going to gym.

6:02 am: stop thinking about going to gym.

6:03 am: surf aimlessly.

7:00 am: brew coffee. eat food. very pissed. no sleep. wtf.

7:30 am: start posting on blog.  still pissed.  body tired. eyes burn. too late/early to sleep now.

7:45 am: having tough time recapping night. very tired.  wtf.  eyes burn. still pissed.

So I’ll just throw up some pics below. usually I’ll explain the significance of each pic but.  I’m. too. tired. to. think.  you’re all smart.  use your imagination.